Integrated Way | Men’s group
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Men’s group

mens counselling in Melbourne


For thousands of years men have been sitting together in groups discussing men’s issues in an authentic way, I invite you to join me in continuing this timeless tradition.


I runs men’s counselling groups where men overcome the isolation endemic amongst men in our society. In the group, men foster a true feeling of brotherhood. Men come together to support and provide accountability for each other developing a more integrated, vital way to be a man in their relationships and work. We meet every second week for 2 hours and 15 minutes. A commitment to eight sessions is necessary.


Benefits of participating in Men’s Group Therapy


  • Deepen your wisdom and skill navigating your relationships as a father, son, boyfriend , husband, boss or employee
  • Practice giving and receiving direct and honest feedback and reflection to serve both your own and other men’s growth
  • Cultivate presence, strength, clarity and precision in the group, and take this into all aspects of your life
  • With the support of other men, celebrate what is great, inspect what is out-dated and identify what the next step is in yourself and others


I’ve clocked thousands of hours leading men’s groups I led groups with Vietnam and Iraq war veterans, substance abuse groups, adolescent groups as well as groups for more higher-functioning males. Groups use experiential exercises, group process and the giving and receiving of genuine feedback to support each other to step up.


Questions we challenge ourselves with in men’s group:


  • Are you a clear yes to the choices you are making?
  • Are you living from a place of excitement or a place of guilt?
  • Are your relationships satisfying and successful and how can you make them better?
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