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Psychotherapy & Coaching

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Psychotherapy and Life Coaching are two distinct services. However, they are perfectly complimentary to one another.


In life coaching, we look at where you are in your life in key areas :-

  • work
  • finances
  • relationships & sex life
  • health & fitness
  • social life
  • emotional life
  • spiritual life


We will look at your values and your life vision and work to get you on track so that your life has its fullest and richest expression in all of these areas.


Psychotherapy is an experiential way to learn how you unconsciously ‘do’ your life and relationships, to clearly see and unblock old patterns that block your full aliveness and well-being. A psychotherapist will help you discover what your real needs are and how to get them met. You will also learn to cultivate unconditional, radical acceptance towards yourself and your life so you can move forward with a new sense of vitality and playfulness.


Integrated Way is an experiential relationship customized to meet your specific needs, integrating wisdom from both fields helping you develop the tools you need to cultivate mental and emotional flexibility that will allow you to respond skilfully (and not react habitually) to your life conditions. Daniel is a psychotherapist and a life coach.

It supports the achievement of your long dreamt goals & visions, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Therapy sessions are available online through Skype. Expats looking for Psychotherapy in Shanghai and Beijing have great success with the Integrated Way experience.


It’s a relationship about self-awareness, self-acceptance, taking action and making things happen!

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