5 Tips to Protect Your Children When Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorcing a Narcissist

When you’re divorcing a narcissist, every absurdity becomes a reality since they are skillful liars and manipulators. Family and friends you thought would offer support turn against you due to lies from your narcissist spouse. You think you can handle all this – and protect your children too.

Co-dependent Relationship: Can It Be Successful?

co-dependent relationship

Do you assert your needs in your relationship, or do you always give in to your partner? Are you continually trying to please your partner? Do you only feel good about yourself when you make your partner feel good? If so, you may be in a co-dependent relationship.

Good Child, Bad Child: Growing Up With Narcissist Parents

Narcissist parents

Have you always felt out of place in your own family? Did you often feel it was your job to keep your parents happy – while your own needs were ignored? If this sounds familiar to you, call me for a consultation so that we can work together to resolve the issues that growing up with narcissistic parents can cause.

Why Trying To Change Your Partner Won’t Improve Your Relationship

change, relationship issues

When you’re out of that honeymoon period of a new marriage or committed relationship and things aren’t going so well, you may be trying to change some of your partner’s irritating behaviors. There are just so many frustrating things that they do (or don’t do!) that it’s sucking the joy out of your relationship.  Or worse, perhaps you see a change in their attitude towards you, and they’re just not so loving or attentive to you anymore.

Addicted to Love: It’s Not Just a Song. It’s a Real Problem.

Love Addiction

Are you obsessed with the passion and intensity of a new relationship – relationships that often end abruptly when the excitement is over? Is this obsession having negative consequences in your life? Love addiction is a very real problem that can greatly impact your life.

Being in Constant Conflict Is A Sign Of A Toxic Relationship


Does it feel you are fighting with knives with your partner rather than pillows? Clients who come to me with unhealthy relationships are often distraught after a conflict or argument with their partner, when a conversation over something mundane like when to meet for dinner…

So Charming…and Manipulative: 5 Signs Your Partner is a Sociopath


Your partner is charming. Everyone loves him. But behind closed doors, he becomes a different person. It’s like you’re dating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At times, can be so attentive and loving – but in an instant, his anger erupts and spews forth a volcano of nasty accusations and degrading comments. Sound familiar?