Ready to break free from a toxic relationship?


I would love to help. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, simple click the button below and complete the application, then you will be taken to my calendar for easy scheduling. I typically work via video-conference with people around the world.


I am best reached via email:

Daniel Lichtman (White) MA (Couns Psych)

110 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong

Tel. +852 6463 1242

email: integratedway@icloud.com

Integrated Way Therapy & Coaching for Professionals and Expats

I am available for in-person therapy sessions approximately 10 days every month and via video-conference the other days (due to working internationally).


Packages typically include combining in-person counseling sessions with video-conference sessions, although there’s no obligation/commitments required.

Tailor-made packages are available on request.

Tel. +852 6463 1242

email: integratedway@icloud.com