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Women’s Coaching & Counselling

Daniel helps women foster peace-of-mind and skillful emotional responses in service of healthier relationships with themselves and those around them, whether it be an intimate partner, family member or colleague.

You’ll learn how to manage difficult emotions and transform the emotional habits that create difficulties for you in all aspects of your relationships and your life.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Learn how to transform difficult relationships – personal or professional
  • Uproot old emotional habits that no longer serve
  • Learn to know when and how to exit toxic relationships
  • Successfully grieve divorce/break-ups (including knowing when to leave)
  • Learn to use influence and persuasion skillfully
  • Develop a complex and rich understanding of the masculine psych
  • Foster clear health boundaries in all relationships
  • Learn how to pick dating partners well


Talk To An Expert In Male Psychology


As an expert in male psychology, Daniel helps women to speak ‘man talk’ and develop stronger and clearer relationships with their male partners, friends, family members, as well as co-workers, employees and bosses.


Women understandably struggle with the fact that men generally have lower emotional competency, are less emphatic, and have difficulty maintaining emotional intimacy. Heterosexual women frequently complain that their male partners seem ambivalent about relationships, they desire more separateness and that they have gone off intimacy and sex.


Daniel helps women navigate their relationships with men more skillfully, develop stronger boundaries and become more compassionate and empathic communicators so as to develop more alive and enjoyable relationships.


Learn To Effectively Navigate Relationships


Psychotherapist Daniel helps females navigate relationships with men though effective therapy. This includes helping women who are looking for a male partner choose well and notice what the red flags are that will likely lead to a tumultuous relationship.


Some women find themselves in relationships that don’t serve them well over and over again. They enter relationships where they encounter isolation, neglect, fear and anxiety. They don’t feel loved or respected, or choose men who serially cheat on them.


Daniel helps his female clients to understand why men are behaving this way and make better choices. Women often want men to be more communicative, whereas men are more action oriented.


Daniel’s women’s counselling helps you to speak ‘man talk’. For example, a man might not apologise after an argument, but he might make you a cup of tea or suggest going out for dinner.


Daniel helps his female clients interpret male signals and behaviour and foster greater understanding and empathy towards their partners.

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