BENEFITS of Couples and Marriage Counselling :

  • Increased ability to track your own thoughts/feelings and communicate them more effectively
  • Communicate without blame and listen without defensiveness
  • Increased sexual polarity and playfulness
  • Gain a deep understanding of masculine-feminine dynamics
  • Learn skills to experience conflict in a healthy way
  • Experience liberation from your own emotional difficulties leading to more kindness/playfulness towards yourself and your partner
  • Discover and practice your different love languages

I do couple therapy from an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) perspective. This is different than typical couple counselling. Rather than giving advice and strategies, that you may not follow, I help you open doors together to rediscover your feelings of love and to strengthen the bond between you.

Relationship advice and strategies for fair negotiation rarely stand up to the strong emotions that blow through couple relationships. During couple therapy, I will work with you to get to the heart of the matter: to that place where you each long to feel connected and fully acceptable to one another. I help you identify your raw spots and to face and change difficult and intense emotions, so that you can save your relationship and protect it for the future.

As an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist, I am insightful and collaborative in working with you to identify the repeated ruts and patterns you are stuck in. Through couple counselling, I help you speak the language of the heart and find the safe haven of love. I help you transform blaming, scolding and silent behaviours that go with difficult emotions such as loneliness, hurt and fear, into tenderness and comfort. Together in couple counselling we can find the love, caring and fun that has been buried under your conflicts and lost in the distance between you.


As well as private couples coaching, Daniel facilitates intimacy for men and for women through the day-long intimacy workshops. Marriage counselling is a service offered for any couples seeking to improve their relationships in Hong Kong.

“My husband and I were fortunate enough to find Daniel last year and we immediately starting counselling for my husbands substance problems. My husband has never seen a therapist and was in denial about his addiction. He was extremely hesitant to go to the first meeting. Daniel not only made my husband feel very comfortable, he helped us both understand that there was a much deeper issue than just a substance abuse. We spend 3-4 sessions discussing how we could better connect within our marriage and how we could substitute his substance urges for better martial connection. We are on the road to recovery and the majority of our petty arguments and fights have been resolved – Daniel has taught us the tools to better understand and communicate with each other. Daniel made such a huge impression on us – that my husband and I started seeing him individually to work on strategies for our career path. Daniel has an integrated approach to happiness and success by improving all aspects of your life: Love, work, family. I highly recommend his services – he has become an important ally in our marriage and success in Hong Kong. We owe Daniel a huge thank you for saving our marriage.”

                                                                                                                                                             J & T, Legal Services, Hong Kong


“Daniel has a wonderfully welcoming, relaxed style, making you feel instantly at ease in his company and trusting of his confidence. Spending time with him was like opening the curtains to our relationship, allowing us to see with clarity what our individual and collective needs and requirements are, and also to understand what buttons to try to avoid pressing, and how to deal with it when they sometimes, inevitably, get pressed.    Our time with Daniel has been extremely rewarding and we’d like to thank him for all his listening, coaching and imparted wisdom.”                                                   

-B & N Investment Banking HK


His laser-sharp skills pick up on the subtle, yet incredibly vital, cues that lead to real transformation, unfolding, and ability to relate deeply and authentically. I highly recommend Daniel for anyone who is looking to heal, transform, or simply go deeper in their romantic relationships and connection with others.

– Krista B Designer, Boulder, CO

‘Daniel is extremely skilled at inviting both men and women to deepen into more intimacy and connection with each other, even amidst conflict or painful emotions. His style is a beautiful mix of friendly and compassionate but also powerful and directive’ 

                                                                                                                                                           – Lara I – Dating coach, Boulder, CO


‘Daniel has a rare gift for facilitating meaningful connections in the moment — felt experiences rather than mental concepts. These experiences show rather than tell couples how they can create more authentic, intimate, and satisfying relationships.’

– Allison C, Consultant, Cleveland, OH

To work with Daniel doing Couples therapy is a wonderful and a very valuable experience. As an individual, I am really learning how to love myself. Daniel is an amazing teacher, coach or therapist whatever you want to call it. He’s trustable and adaptable. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so much, Daniel.

-Heather, Student, Denver, CO

Daniel’s rare combination of cognitive clarity and presence, tempered with a deeply authentic sensitivity, make him imminently qualified to facilitate personal growth work of all sorts. Working with Daniel has helped us  grow as individuals, which over time has served to deepen our level of intimacy in both direct and subtle ways.

Greg T, Programmer, Denver, CO

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